Frequently Asked Questions – Jobs Seekers


This fair is open exclusively to those eligible to work in Canada.

Only those entitled to work in Canada can access the Virtual Career Fair(VCF). 

You must therefore meet the following conditions:

  • Have the minimum working age according to the labour legislation in your province or territory (usually 16 years of age or older);
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident (resident in Canada or outside Canada), a foreign citizen accepted by Immigration Canada and holding a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (PRC), an accepted refugee, a pvtist or any person holding a valid work permit;
  • Be a skilled worker in your field and have relevant work experience.

Will our study diplomas be recognized? Regulations are different from one province to another in Canada and from one professional order to another. The employer will certainly be able to validate your diplomas before making a job offer.

Could I participate in the Virtual Career Fair even if there is no offer that matches my profile?

The job offers displayed during the Virtual Jobs Fair represent the needs of the employers present at the fair at the time of the event. If there is no job offer that matches your profile, we still encourage you to participate in the Virtual Jobs Fair in order to expand your professional network and build contacts with Canadian employers. All applicants who register and meet the eligibility criteria will receive an invitation and confirmation of their registration for the Virtual Jobs Fair.

How can I get more information?

If your registration request is accepted, you will receive the invitation and all the practical information by email. Invitations will be sent out in fall 2020. Virtual fair registration confirmations will be sent out between October 8 and 18, 2021.


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